Get a FREE introductory talk on Postive Parenting

posted Dec 20, 2016, 10:59 AM by Melissa Bugeja

When you buy a Baby Led Weaning workshop before 27 December you are entitled to an introductory talk of 1 hour on Positive Parenting.  To know more email on

Christmas Special Offer

posted Dec 21, 2015, 1:12 PM by Melissa Bugeja

For the 12 days of Christmas we'll be offering a 20% discount on all bundles of which details are shown hereunder.

Why choose bundles? It is a known fact that most mothers give up on breastfeeding in the first 6 weeks due to lack of enough knowledge and lack of support. These bundles give you a choice to enhance your breastfeeding knowledge according to your wishes and a support system to go with it.
Bundle 1: How the breast makes milk & normal infant behaviour, Weaning: the baby led approach, Working & breastfeeding 
Group bundle: 3 sessions of 1.5 hrs each @ Eur 40.00+ 1 free support group session now Eur 32.00

Bundle 2: Starting your breastfeeding journey, 1 weekly phone call from day 2 of birth throughout the first month, 2 home visits of 1 hr each (on your first day home and another whenever you want to) 
Group bundle: Eur 60.00 + 5 free support group sessions now Eur 48.00

Bundle 3: Bundle 2 + Weaning: the baby led approach & Working & breastfeeding 
Group bundle: Eur 90.00+ 5 free support group sessions now Eur 72.00

So starting 26Dec till 6Jan, prebook any of the above for the discounted price.

Jack Newman in Malta

posted Sep 12, 2015, 6:28 AM by Melissa Bugeja

Re-starting the Belly to Breast Support Group

posted Apr 10, 2015, 3:38 AM by Melissa Bugeja

Just around the end of my pregnancy I had quite a few people requesting the support group, as well as a toddler support group.    As of June, the support groups will happen again every 2 weeks.

Each session will be 1 and a half hours long.  During the support group we will have some time to just chat and there will also be a topic of the day where parents will be able to discuss fears, problems etc.

There will be a Eur 5.00 donation towards the LatchOn Initiative to join or you can buy a bundle of 10 and get 1 free session.

Dates for June: 3 and 17 for the infant session. Discussions will be Low milk supply and skin to skin respectively.
                        5 and 19 for the toddler session. Discussions will be weaning from the breast and food respectively.

Introducing your breastfeeding bundles

posted Apr 10, 2015, 3:27 AM by Melissa Bugeja

New parents need knowledge and lots of support when breastfeeding.  These bundles have been made with this in mind, to assist you in the best manner possible both before and after birth.  Contact me for further information.
  • Bundle 1: How the breast makes milk & normal infant behaviour, weaning the baby-led approach as well as working and breastfeeding and 1 support group session.
  • Bundle 2: Starting your breastfeeding journey, 1 weekly phone call for the first month, 2 home visits, 5 support group sessions.
  • Bundle 3: Bundle 2 + weaning the baby-led approach, working and breastfeeding and 5 support group sessions.

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